We’ve been working alongside the team at Al Hoota Cave getting ready for the re-opening of one of the countries most famous visitor attractions. Along the way we have discovered some interesting characters living in Al Hamra and there are three in particular which we would like you to meet. Laith is the undisputed King of the Cave (though he often needs some help from his friends). He loves it when visitors first spot the incredible rock formation which has given him his name. Don’t forget to ROAR like a lion when you see it! Bu Naseh is wise and has a wicked sense of humour. He comes from deep within the cave, belonging to the rare species of blind fish which have lived in the underground lakes for centuries. He knows more about the cave system than anyone else but he is absolutely NOT allowed to drive that train! And then there is lovely Laila.  Although she is most definitely a creature of the night she has to stay awake during the day to keep those boys in check. Winged and wonderful, her highly tuned bat senses ensure that the cave runs like a dream. The Lamahat team can’t wait to bring these guys to life at Al Hoota where they will engage the kids and teach them about the natural wonders of the sultanate.