We are delighted to see PANTONE have chosen Greenery as their 2017 colour of the year. Recently we have been working with Ithraa on Oman’s national brand. Brand Oman’s own Salalah Green sends the same positive messages of rejuvenation, abundance and growth. In 2009 Oman embarked upon a national branding project in order to provide a single unifying image with which all private and public stakeholders could identify. The brand mark illustrates the diverse nature of the Sultanate.

Ithraa are one of the greatest proponents of Oman’s national brand. This award winning inward investment and export development agency are committed to promoting the business benefits of Oman to a global audience, strengthening the image and profile of the Sultanate as an investment and business destination, and building a strong economy. They recognise that a shared national brand identity is key to their mission and vision.

Lamahat are proud to have worked with Ithraa on a variety of projects.