It’s annual report season, we have a number of reports already booked in to the studio, including a new convert to Lamahat – Al Madina Takaful.

Why do you write an annual report?
What messages are you trying to communicate?
Who reads your annual report?
Why do they read it?
What do they need to learn from it?

Consider these questions and then ask yourself if your last annual report really met the brief. Your report contains information that you want to share and so it is important that it is accessible, interesting and digestible. Organisations are beginning to realise that by producing page after page of statistics interspersed with paragraphs of turgid text their annual report is not a true representation of who they are and what they have achieved. By utilising your brand character – both voice and identity – you can produce a report which not only tells your story but will also engage your stakeholders and potentially improve your business.